Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Memorial Day comes with a lifetime, all-expense paid ticket to freedom and an annual three day weekend to celebrate it. Untethered by time and clear of commitments, I've had plenty of open space these last few days. 

There's a breeze blowing in my window at night filled with equal parts hose water, lilac perfume, and lawnmower clippings.  Summer's one calendar flip away, and I'm open to any (and probably all) suggestions.

Freedom races my heart with an almost giddy anticipation of possibility. Summer feels so kite-high wide and sitting here with May, I'm certain only sunny days fill the forecast. Memorial Day reminds me I'm free all day every day - but its flag-waving, garden-planting prequel to summer reminds me to enjoy it.

I want to do it all. All the everythings I can't do when time is tighter and greater responsibility keeps me awake at night. So I need to think back on the summer dreams I dreamed during January's blizzard and remember what I wished on last July's shooting stars.

I'm using the alphabet to guide me.

I've got each letter listed, line-by-line, on loose-leaf notebook paper - because summer ain't fancy. And I'm filling it in. My husband will write his list too and together, we'll dream up 52 ways to live out our freedom in the months ahead. 

So far:

C means we'll try camping again (it WON'T rain, see forecast above)

E  is for eating new things (Dare I try sushi?) 

F is for the fire pit we'll try to build

M is for Markus Wildlife Sanctuary - a breeding lake for loons

P is for photography class

I know this freedom comes because countless others picked up my tab. Someone else's service grants me the choice between photographing sunrise at the beach and reading this year's bestseller on the beach.

So S this summer is for service.

What's on your list?

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