Saturday, January 24, 2015

Snow Hope

The snow's coming down like rain this morning. One flake after another covers our brittle, ice-hardened world. The whole house - hushed.  Our cars are parked. Muffins bake in the oven and candlelight dances on the kitchen ceiling. It's a quiet world today. Reflective. Calm. And a little sleepy.  It's a cleansing snow. Snow hope.

The world's whitewashing has me paying special attention today.  Hope's had a hard week around here.  Home hasn't felt all that warm or cozy or safe.  Just as we have slowly crossed the icy terrain in our front yard, this family's had to step carefully around each other this week. We've had some misses. Mistakes. Miscommunication. Missed opportunities.  Our priorities - misguided a bit.

We misunderstand. And we've been misunderstood.  Both. And it's at times like this hope needs to push past these missteps to clear away a new path for us walk. It's not easy, but hope can manage. Family life needs a new beginning sometimes. We need to find patience, forgiveness, and trust nestled among the soup cans on a snowy Saturday like this. We need hope's nourishment, warmth, and promise.

Tomorrow's new beginning will come, sun shining every frozen crystal out there with brilliance and beauty. but we can start in here today. Our home can be hope full today and we can count our blessings like snowflakes. We can remember all the ways we love curled up in the comfort of each other's company. We can forgive by the fire.  

And later, when we head out there to that snow-covered world, we'll breath more freely in all that's fresh, clean, and new. Working together, our shovels will toss our worry to the snow pile by the roadside.  And leave it out there.

Peace, Barbara

Peace, Barbara

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