Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hope and More Hope

I write in my head all the time.  Not so much on the blog.  Sorry about that.

Truth is, I'm not sure this is the format for me.  I'm not sure what I want to write or where I want to write.  When I can write is also an issue.  Not much spare time 'round these parts.


I hear voices in my head - and surprisingly they're mine.  And since they don't seem to go away, they'll be needing some expression along the way - either here or in some new place like here.

I've been keeping a daybook again.  Maybe it's there I will find my writer's voice again.

Thinking about ...

How to define goals so they're achievable.
How to use time well.
Smiling more.  Complaining less.
The word:  ENJOY
Signs of spring and rebirth and hope.
Grief in its many forms.
Learning. Creating.  Especially creating.
What I'm eating - and what I should be eating.
Weakness.  Plural.

And more hope.  There's hope in this minute and hope for the one to follow.

I'll try to be around more.  Thanks for checking in.

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