Sunday, February 15, 2015

Weathering the Storm

The forecast gives you some notice but the truth is, when your feet hit the floor, you have no real idea what the day will bring.  Today's deal could bring you anything from couple of pairs to a flush to flat out fold. There are no real predictions.  No sure bet.

We try to prepare.  We stockpile supplies.  Ask for advice. Run some water into the tub. Gather the family and pray for the best.  The snow will fall and the wind will blow and we are powerless over it all.

God's plan is not necessarily my plan and He hasn't cleared it all with me.

So as the storm rages, we count time by minutes survived, not by minutes in the future.  We put a candle in the window and hope tomorrow will come.

We remember today's storm produces tomorrow's rainbow.  The storm will pass and the challenges of winter along with it.  Our hearts will warm, spring will come, and we'll all grow just a little from the experience.

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